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Vehicle Transponder Remote Programming

All vehicles produced and sold since the 90s have a transponder/chip fitted into the plastic casing around your key.

Transponders are part of your vehicles security immobiliser system. When this does not work correctly the identity code signal is not sent and the vehicle will not start.

Our locksmith technician can replace and reprogram the chip to replicate the code, via programming the transponder to work your vehicles current immobiliser system, at a fraction of the main dealer prices.

Offering a mobile service around Wakefield areas our Auto Locksmith vans are fully equipped with latest tools and machines, which can get our customers back on their way again as soon as possible, with no expensive towing or recovery charges. With our reliable services offering competitive rates working around Castleford and Pontefract at the fraction of main dealer prices.

The Transponder/chip key system has helped to reduce car crime; however, a lost key or broken transponder will not allow your vehicles engine to start when the ignition is turned and immobilises the vehicle.

Covering the south east Leeds and south west Leeds areas using specialist equipment we can replace or reprogram transponder keys for the vast majority of vehicles at the roadside.

When purchasing a second hand car, you may only be given the one key. This is quite common, as vehicles age and change ownership, keys are easily lost broken or misplaced. Vehicle owners just continue on as normal, maybe thinking “I will get another one later”. When a key incident occurs, that’s when you realise you should have had two, Avoiding this matter can be more expensive and a bigger inconvenience.

Whatever your needs from Alpine Auto Locksmiths be sure you have come to the right place. Car keys can now be cut, programmed and copied at the side of the road, along with many more of our services you may require.

If you are in Castleford, Leeds, Pontefract, Wakefield or surrounding areas and need a vehicle transponder remote programming then we can help. We offer 24×7 callout so give us a call now on 07958 773075.

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